Does offline branding have space in SEO?

Believe it or not, you don’t need a computer to improve your SEO. The internet has become so overpowering these days that people have forgotten about the traditional ways of branding.  Internet has become such a great base of promotion of e-commerce that spending on offline branding seems baseless.

But surveys have a different fact in such a case. Studies have shown that offline well-implemented marketing can boost your online performance by up to 40%. Is that a small percentage?

No, that’s a big number of percentage and promises a lot of traffic.

Google panda algorithm

Google panda algorithm determines the rand mentions more than he link mentions. It means that when you site is searched with your brand name then it is given more importance in SEO than it is searched due to some backlinks. It makes the promotion of your site offline more important and the need for it arises. If you have a very large number of backlinks and very few brand searches, the value of your inbound links is discounted for the purpose of calculating your search ranking.


Making my point clear, I would like to tell you that if you are investing on offline promotion of your brand then your investment is not going in vain. Offline brand promotion includes promotion through TV ads, radio ads or newspapers etc. The % figures represent the amount of people who consider that particular advertising medium useful when making a purchase:

  • TV Ads: 44%
  • Word of Mouth: 41%
  • Magazine/Newspaper Ads: 35%
  • Billboard: 13%
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And these are figures from a few years ago. While driving or while reading magazines or while watching televisions, promotion of your brand takes place which helps your SEO.


Why do you think big and already known company’s keep huge amount of investment aside for offline promotion of their brand?


The reason behind doing this is that offline promotion matters. 78% of the respondents researched online before buying the product at a store.


Why do you think people do that?


This is so because before spending, people like to have full knowledge about the product on which they are investing. If your site is eye appealing, you might get traffic in future as well which ultimately helps your SEO.


Let’s say that you have made an online site. There would be hundred more sites like yours.


How do you think that you are going to promote it?

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You will opt for offline promotion activities or online promotion activities. Offline promotion activities like advertising in newspapers or sending the text messages about your site would be the easiest way. You should think of the innovative ideas which help in the advertising of your brand. An exciting news release, an unusual TV Ad, or a video reported in even not-so-prominent conventional media has more chance of getting online mentions and shares than something equally exciting that you share just through your own online channels.

Here are some offline branding strategies that stand to benefit your business effectively:

  • Physical interaction – Talking about your product or company with the people becomes really important during offline promotion. The essence of physical interaction with the public is always good because it makes you known among the people and you can give clear idea about your brand or product. The personal touch is way to overlap your offline and online efforts; create an avatar that people will recognize and want to connect with.
  • Managing call centre – Promotion my making cold calls is also an effective way of putting forward your idea of branding. Cold calls also help companies to reach out to potential marketing partners especially for a possible collaboration of content together.
  • Using pamphlets – Print media is common and it helps a lot in promotion. You just have to make sure that you use correct words in your pamphlet and make it creative and eye catching because people searching for particular things that maybe related to your brand will surely pay attention to it.
  • Do something worth for news – Grabbing the attention of news reporters is helpful for the promotion. The content with spice up news is always wanted by the local new reporters. If you are the first one to find such news then you can have an exclusive place in the newspaper which would surely be very helpful for you.
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Study by Accenture found that 72% of the respondents bought the product digitally after having seen it in a physical store. If offline branding is done in the right way then it will not only bring huge traffic to your online site but it will bring genuine customers to your online site. So the goal is to prompt the users to search for your company online.

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