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Clash of Clans is probably the most happening game on the play store. Many reports suggest that the app generates an income no less than $5 million per day, in spite of being free to play. What more, in spite of having immense opportunities to play and win for free, users spend millions of dollars just for this game. Probably the reason for this is that this game is a combination of multiplayer and strategy play and it takes years together to get into a ‘decent’ stage in the game.Various other online game you can play from here

But you don’t have to spend money on this. All you need to do is to know a few basics about the game and apply the strategies suggested here. Before getting into the topic, we shall have an overview of the plot.Must check promotional offer running in livemobile888

The Plot of Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is more like kingdoms in the ancient world. Just that they are not kingdoms but villages. What players basically have to do is to build villages and protect them, and, attack those of others. This activity becomes increasingly challenging as the game progresses to the higher levels.

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Various kinds of defence tools from cannons to X-Bows, troops like Golems, heroes (at higher levels) will get uncovered as you advance through the ladder of the levels.

There are three main activities that you need to do – tend your village, attack other villages and engage in clan wars.

Clan Wars simply mean that you team up with other players to engage in a war. You will get a share of all the booties and other advantages of clan wars.


With this background in mind, let us now see some of the obvious but very effective strategies for Clash of Clans.

#1 Save the Gems

Never spend the gems on tutorials. Save them for a rainy day. Gems can be used for more productive purposes like boosting the training for troops or buying a shield to protect your villages. Don’t underestimate the power of gems.

#2 Have a Good Village Layout

This is important if you plan to compete for trophies and effectively defend your village and attack other villages. This is used to rank players.

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Building townhalls and walls tactfully so as to reduce the damage inflicted by the attackers is the best way to plan a village layout.

Decide what you wish to protect – trophies or the resources before planning.

#3 Upgrade your mines and collectors

A normal pump at a lower level only 250 of each resource per hour but a fully equipped pump can produce 3500 of each resource. So, focus on improving the resource collectors and mines so that your village will have enough resources. Also, upgrade storage as we need a place to store all the collected resources.

#4 Never Break Your Shield

Your shield protects your village. But, if you attack other villages while your shield is still active, it breaks the shield and makes your village vulnerable to attacks from others. So, the best strategy will be to wait until your shield is down, so that you still have a fair chance of winning trophies, and meanwhile mines produce resources (for free).

#5 Joining a Clan

A clan is formed when up to 50 players who share troops go to a war and can chat with each other. You can also create your clans and set the restrictions as to who can join your clan and things like that.  Being a part of the clan has multiple advantages – if you win the war while with a clan, you will get a considerable amount of loot, your clan mates may help you defend your village and this enhances the sense of your security.

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#6 Upgrade your Defence Equipment and Troops

As attacking and defending are important components of the game, more equipped your defence system is, mightier your soldiers are and more are the chances of you inflicting a defeat on your opponent. There are many tiers of soldiers. Tier 1 starts with the Archers and barbarians and giants and wall breakers form the next tier and so on.

Keep your soldiers at the maximum tier possible so that both your defending and attacking is strong and heavy on the opponents.

These were few strategies which will definitely pay you well if you are patient enough to wait for a while with these strategies. All the Best!!

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