How To Buy Sony Power Bank At Rs 399 From Flipkart Flash Sale 1pm

Flipkart is arranging a flash sale of sony power bank of 8700mah at lowest of rs 399.

To get this power bank you have to register for the flash sale.

This sony power bank has very goods reviews and specs.So don’t miss the chance to grab this sony 8700 mah powerbank at rs 399.

The regular price of this powerbank is 1899.

Buy Sony CP-V9 8700 mAh Power Bank At Flipkart

  1. Goto Sale Page here
  2. click continuously on buy now or add to cart button
  3. after it added to cart add a shipping address
  4. Do payment with phonepe get 20{73e70f104b6b414fdcdb65a12d60bdb2482d91f240bd91fc6179bcb1a6b4fa47} cashback
  5. Or Do cash on delivery

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Sony CP-V9 8700 mAh Power Bank  Specifications

it’s important to stay in touch with your loved ones when you’re on a vacation. Though, that might become a problem if your smartphone is dead and there’s no power socket around. Use this power bank to quickly charge your smartphone back to full capacity so you can call your family or spouse whenever needed.
Power Up Your Smartphone Anywhere, Anytime

While travelling, there’s usually no power socket available to charge a dying smart device. Though, thanks to this power bank, you can charge your smartphone or tablet back to full capacity quickly even when you’re on the go.

Effective Charging Cycles

Sony’s Hybrid Gel technology ensures that this power bank retains almost 90{73e70f104b6b414fdcdb65a12d60bdb2482d91f240bd91fc6179bcb1a6b4fa47} of its capacity even after you’ve used it to charge your smart device 1000 times.

Faster Charging

Charging your smartphone with a USB port or an AC adapter isn’t as quick as what’s possible with this power bank. It charges faster than most traditional methods.

Hybrid Gel Technology

This power bank uses Sony’s ‘Hybrid Gel’ as an electrolyte, making its charge and discharge cycles quicker.

Less Swelling And No Leakage

Sony’s Hybrid Gel technology also ensures that this power bank’s polymer battery doesn’t generate gas during its charge or discharge cycles. So, this power bank won’t swell up or leak during these cycles.

Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery

This power bank features a rechargeable, Sony-manufactured, li-polymer battery which is safe and durable.

Universal Usage

You can charge most smart devices that have a USB port with this power bank.

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